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About Us

Current Lab members

​2022 rainy season

business meeting

meeting style

We have individual progress meetings each week. In addition, ​ will present their research results in the lab every six months. We also introduce magazines as appropriate to accumulate knowledge and ideas as a researcher.

Multiple backgrounds
rugby player

Diverse research backgrounds

of our laboratoryThere are only 3 medical graduates, and the other members are graduates of other fields.There is an environment where research can be carried out from various research perspectives.

open space office

communication in english

Two of the members are international students, and we create an environment where English is actively used in meetings. The purpose is to get used to basic conversations and presentations in English.

Research purpose
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Research techniques and targets

​I aim to conduct research that will lead to the establishment of treatments for diseases.Based on molecular biology and biochemistry, our laboratory conducts analyzes at individual and cellular levels of mice.

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